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You are Not Your Beliefs

How often is our perception of the world around us, as well as the world within, dictated by our beliefs? It has become quite clear to me that every moment of our perceived consciousness is formed upon the foundation of our beliefs. Ultimately if you are interested in true knowledge and thus the integration of the deepest foundational Truth, it is incredibly important to remove any attachment you may have to any belief you subscribe to, no matter how “true” it may seem.   I believe that the snake biting its tail (ouroboros) is a clear representation of what science, […]  

What is the Point of a Silent Meditation Retreat?

As I continue my journey towards truth I am finding that silent meditation retreats are very valuable in uncovering new information. Having done retreats ranging from 5 to 50 I have had a range of experiences and insights from spending time in silence and going deeper within. From the outside I know that many see my efforts as strange or even maybe a bit crazy, but this is all coming from a place of misunderstanding. I feel compelled to explain a bit how silence can be used and why it is such a great tool in the evolution of human […]  

What is Spirituality?

Having spent a good portion of the last couple years pursuing different types of spiritual practice, entertaining different types of “spiritual” lifestyles and traveling around the world immersing myself in different religions and spiritual cultures I have had the opportunity to observe many different perspectives on spirituality. I found that I had a sort of preconceived notion as to what spirituality was and as I have gone deeper into the rabbit hole of the occult practice of Mystical Qabalah, I feel that my concept of the word and what it really means to me has shifted. I think this shift […]  

A Change in Direction

Every event has its place, every encounter happens at exactly the right time to induce specific experiences which in turn have their impact on our being. We grasp, we seek, we try to create experiences that are pleasant, but how much beauty exists in those moments of confusion. How much is to be gained in those moments of flux, where things just don’t happen the way we wish as we recoil at the thought that things aren’t “going our way.” But isn’t life in itself all for us? These moments of flux, of unexpected difficulties, are the greatest opportunities for […]  


We say we want free will. We want control over our destiny and a world without this control is meaningless and without purpose as all has already been decided. Yet what solace we can take in the idea that there is some higher power which helps to guide the way; to believe in some unseen force which pushes and pulls so very gently just as the tides of the sea, softly directing us in a specified direction. Where exactly does deep insight come from? Does it come from our own minds? Our higher selves? The divine source itself? And if […]  


I used to look at poetry as some sort of flowery way to make words sound pretty. But more and more as I come to understand the greatest metaphysical ideas and look deeper into my own soul I realize how much deeper this form of art really touches us. Poetry is in fact a way to more deeply convey meanings and sensations that words typically only touch the surface of. Language is the vein attempt we human beings use to connect with each other and share ideas. Words themselves are meaningless and are used only as symbols to represent that […]  

Simple Living

I wrote this while studying the ancient Indian philosophy of Yoga while doing a training in the area of Maharastra. Simple living is a way of life. It is a choice to abstain from unnecessary luxury, to reduce ones possessions, and generally to minimize your needs that rely on the physical realm. Simple living is a way to move away from a deeply rooted physical existence and move closer to the divine which exists at a higher vibration than the physical characteristics of our life experience. By simplifying your life many benefits can be realized including a diminished need for […]  

Follow Your Truth

  After spending about a week in the “Yoga Capital of the World” in Rishikesh, India I have noticed a very strong presence of “gurus”, “astrologers”, “healers”, “medicine men” and many other related professions here specifically to cater to the thousands of tourists, both Indian and foreign who come here as seekers for spiritual growth and the attainment of a greater self understanding. These “spiritual leaders” offer answers that so many of us seek when we decide to seek answers to some of the deepest questions we hold. Whether we want to know what career path to take, what type […]  

Our Eternal Nature

We are fractal beings. Our life in this physical body is but a blip in our ever expanding existence. Our life force is connected to the source. We are connected to the beginning of all time. We existed before this current lifetime and we will continue to exist after this physical existence comes to an end. BUT, the question to ask is: Does any of this even matter? I believe we are eternal beings. Even if you have no experience, no acceptance of the above information, all that exists, all that has ever existed, all that ever will exist is […]  

The Great Work

We all have our own truths. It is incredibly important to follow our own personal truths without allowing those around us to push us away from them. We all have our own paths and if we allow others to step in and redirect our actions, our thoughts, then who are we really. We become just a reflection, a receptacle of the characteristics of the people who we allow to influence us. Then what do we have to offer to the world? By truly following our hearts, our intuition, we take the path that our higher selves have forged for us. […]  

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